Tuner Application

Tuner application form

We’re inviting experienced and diligent tuners who would like to use DBF1 to deliver ECU and TCU tunes to end users to be listed on our website and linked from the DBF1 app.

Please submit the form below and we’ll review it. 

    What type of tunes do you supply?

    What type of engines do you tune?

    Do you tune transmissions?

    Expectations of Tuners
    * End users will purchase the flasher from DBF for the ECU and/or TCU
    * They will purchase files/tuning from you
    * You may VIN lock and encrypt your files
    * We don’t do dealer discounts for the DBF1
    * We don’t handle third party tunes/files through our servers
    * Please reply promptly to your customers’ support requirements
    * We do not accept responsibility for your tuning

    * DEADBEEF Flash Ltd are happy for tuners to promote us on your websites and social media
    * We will provide a copy of our logo for these purposes
    * We will like and share posts if you tag us
    * We will add you to our tuner list on our website, linked from our app